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18 Aug So you’ve done a Vehicle inspection and bought the car. Now What?

A crucial part of owning a car is the servicing and maintenance. I believe that there are 4 crucial pointers that will help keep your car healthy and certainly save you money!

These include:

  • General log book servicing
  • Using the right oils
  • Staying off Parramatta Rd to keep your suspension in good condition :)
  • Warming up your car in the morning.

General Log Book Servicing

In order to keep your car healthy and trouble free, we recommend servicing every 6 months or 10,000 Kilometres, whichever comes first.

Being a car inspector, I see a lot of engine wear and oil sludge build up inside the motor. This is caused from lack of servicing and maintenance.

Lack of servicing and maintenance can cause your motor to burn oil, blow smoke, create head gasket issues and wear your motor from the inside.

So in order to have a healthy motor and keep those dollars in your pocket, servicing has to be done on time.

All about oils (Not the cooking kind)

It is very important your chosen oil is compatible with your car, based on its age and kilometres. After many experiments with our own cars, I believe the Mobil oil range deserves a 5 star rating. All our company vans are Holden Combos which are only a few years old.

However once they reach that 100,000 kilometres we have found some to be a little noisy on cold start up.

We have tried so many different oil brands during the servicing stage and we found that Mobil oil was the only oil that made the noise on start-up disappear and also slightly increased fuel economy as well.

Have you ever started your car in the morning and heard a loud ticking or knocking noise? I’ll let you in on a little secret – That’s not a good thing!

Approximately 70% of engine wear occurs when you first turn the car on.  In order to keep that motor healthy and trouble free we recommend that you warm up your motor every morning before driving. During winter, I would recommend that vehicle gets warmed a bit longer than summer season.  All our company vans get warmed up every morning and we have had no problems. This is a very simple exercise that can save you a lot of money and cause fewer problems in the future.

Keep those tyres and suspension components in good condition.

Wheel Alignments should also be done every 6 months. A simple way of remembering this is, every time you service your car, you should also do a wheel alignment.  Let’s face it, Sydney roads are shocking, have you seen Parramatta Rd lately? The government should really do something about it, but that’s a story for another day!  But seriously those kinds of roads that are riddled with pot holes would easily wear out your suspension and ruin your alignment.

Be sure to use a reputable wheel alignment company.  A wheel alignment is something that is quite affordable when you think about it. The price that it would cost to replace tyres every 12 months would far outweigh the price of getting two wheel alignments done every year.  In my own opinion it’s a good idea to stay proactive with your wheel alignments.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some great tips for your car. Stay tuned to our blog page for more great hints and tips coming soon.

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