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I would like to sincerely thank you for your assistance in purchasing my vehicle yesterday. My first choice car that i wanted to purchase sounded too good to be true, and i was only minutes away from purchasing it. The REVS check for NSW did not indicate any problems. Fortunately for me, i was told about your incredible services.

Your call minutes before my purchase saved me from purchasing a lemon……it proved to be a repairable writeoff in Victoria, and that was the reason why the seller was asking $4,500 less than market value.

Your assistance in purchasing my second choice proved to be invaluable. Although slightly more expensive, your checks gave me reassurance that it was a good pick. Although it’s a second hand car, it drives as good as new, immaculate. Thankyou for helping me out on this one.

There are not too many honest people in the car market, and having someone like Mr Tune looking over our shoulders is a very positive thing to have
yours sincerely Antony L

Thank you Mr Tune Vehicle Inspections for the excellent report you did on the vehicle I wanted to purchase. The inspection report was comprehensive and the service was exemplary. The inspection was timed perfectly to fit in with an interstate transaction. The car was a good find but the seller was not. The inspection picks up faults with the car as well as any feedback from the seller. I would recommend this excellent service to any car buyer who is looking at a vehicle in Sydney.”
J Yong Gee

“We received our vehicle yesterday and just wanted to provide feedback to you on how pleased we were with the vehicle inspection report you did for us. The report was very accurate and because of that we managed to get exactly what we expected, not to mention that the your inspection gave us peace of mind when purchasing an interstate vehicle. Thanks again and we will definitely be recommending you to others in need of your services.”
Steve & Karri

“I did end up buying the Mercedes B200 and it arrived last Wednesday in Adelaide and I absolutely love it. It drives beautifully and looks exactly how I imagined from your report. I know I took a gamble buying a car sight unseen but I am very happy with the purchase. Thank you so much for doing such a thorough inspection and taking the effort to explain over the phone exactly the condition of the car and any concerns you had. It is very much appreciated :-)
Tamara K

Thanks again for your help yesterday. Both the sellers and I were very impressed by how thorough, polite, and easy to understand the Mr Tune service was. I would definitely recommend the service, and will use it again if ever buying a second hand car in the future.

“Thank you very much for your professional report and great advice. I appreciate it very much and you have been very helpful.”
Michelle M

“Thank you so much for your report…it’s very comprehensive, as has really helped with my decision”

“Thanks for the report and for discussing it with me over the phone. I certainly appreciate the comprehensiveness of the work you have undertaken and would have no hesitation in recommending you to others in future.”
April M

“Thank you very much for your help. I will certainly recommend you to friends as your service is fantastic!”

“Many thanks for the report and your thorough inspection and honesty. Like we said, money well spent! We like to support small/family businesses and wish you all the best. We will definitely recommend you and may be in touch again soon!”

“Many thanks for your great service and help. You are extremely professional and very helpful. I am impressed to see you helping me from A to Z. Even to the extent of calling up the Car Dealer! Well done. I will certainly recommend you to my friends”
Christopher W

“Thank you so much for all your hard work today. I really appreciate it! finally I have a car which is awesome. I will definitely be referring your service to my friends and family. Thanks once again your a legend!!!!”
Felicity S

“Thanks for your professional advice and service. I would not hesitate for a moment referring your services to my friends.”
Bob and Alex

“I have received your email report. Thanks again for helping me avoid that lemon of a car..”

“I provide the following un requested testimonial. As a forensic engineer who studies evidence as a professional discipline, I was impressed with your ability to observe and interpret the evidence available.”
John L

“Just wanted to let you know that I received your email and thank you for such a thorough report. We will not be going ahead with buying this car and if we need you in the future I would not hesitate to contact you due to your great service.”
Rachael S

“Thank you, you guys have done a wonderful job, very thorough and well documented, very much appreciated, thank you.”
Ben G

“Many thanks for your thorough report. We are glad that we had the inspection report carried out and have probably saved ourselves a major headache in the future.”
Verawaty K

“Thanks for the report and the verbal feedback, you’ve done a great job for us there and we appreciate your honest & quality work, not least of all because it appears that without it we were going to buy a lemon. I will certainly call you first in the event we find another car and would unreservedly recommend you to colleagues and friends.”

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