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Pre-Sale Vehicle Inspections

Selling a car can be very time consuming. Why not give us call? We will tell you what your car is really worth. We will carry out a full comprehensive inspection on your motor vehicle to improve your chances of a sale.

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Our comprehensive report will outline the vehicles condition inside and out allowing a faster and less stress full sale without any time wasters.  We can also give you advice and handy tips to improve your chances of selling your car.

Times are very tough these days and the last things you need is to loose more value on your motor vehicle or get ripped off. A pre-sale inspection can attract serious customers and minimise time wasters.

Let’s face it, allot people tell false information about your car in order to score a better a deal. However with a MR Tune pre-sale inspection all the information on your car is in our report.

You get the true value of your car and avoid the wrong people that give you silly offers or just totally waste your time. Our expert technicians can also guide you to that right sale given you advice and information on what to write on that classified ad and how to really connect with the right people. We understand from a seller’s point of view the urgency of selling their car and putting that hard earned money into good use.  Leave all the stress to us and give us a call!

Please view our terms of service before booking an inspection.

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