End of Warranty Vehicle Inspections

We will inspect the entire car thoroughly and provide you with a detailed report and a checklist on the repairs that are needed.

Our inspectors will communicate one on one with the customer explaining the results of the inspection. We also invite the dealer to give us a call if they want a better and thorough understanding on the warranty items that we have found.

An end of warranty inspection can save you lots of trouble and expense by identifying areas in need of repair or replacement before your warranty expires. Our mobile service is designed to take the stress away.

We can come to your home or work and carry out a full comprehensive inspection. No need to stress about whether the car is worth keeping for those extra few years or not.

We will help you make the right decision and most of all save you those extra dollars. We put the time and effort in making sure our customers are 100% happy and understand exactly the condition of their motor vehicle.

It’s very easy with MR TUNE; we do all the work making sure our customers are satisfied and are safe on the road.

Please view our terms of service before booking an inspection.